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Wear that Dark Pride

Wear that Dark Pride

Villainry is going couture now, as the folks at TeeVillain create limited-edition designs of pop culture’s most deliciously evil characters.  Disney icons are not forgotten, of course, as Maleficent, Snow White’s stepmother, and even the less murderous Jack Skellington have been highlighted.  If you spot your favorite horror hero on the release day, you can nab the … Continue reading

Maleficent Swag!

Maleficent Swag!

Check out all the wicked goods the theaters in Japan had for the Maleficent movie.  If you ever plan a trip to the land of rising sun, I highly recommend scheduling it around the opening of a new Disney movie, as movie theaters have their own gift shops full of stuff you can pretend to … Continue reading

Ironic much?

By the way, this piece from the 60s was auctioned off at SeriousToyz.  The person who now owns this Cinderella moving-hands clock is a very lucky person.  It’s a great conversation piece: “Is that…Cinderella?” “Yeah.” “Both of her arms are on the same side.” “Yeah.” “What happens when the clock strikes 12?” *knowing look*

Princesses on parade

Princesses on parade

Disney dressmakers have been hard at work, making costumes for…12 inch people. D23.com released images of the new Aurora dolls in the limited edition series of princesses and princes.  With mind-numbing attention to detail, the designers decked this dress with rose-colored rhinestones, rose embroidery, rose jewelry, and a rose crown on the gold-threaded hair. And … Continue reading

No Frozen for you?

It just came to my attention that there is a Frozen merchandise shortage all around the world. In addition to frozen vegetables and frozen pizzas, Frozen dresses and dolls are becoming staples in every household, but unlike the former, these toys are shockingly scarce.  For a month now, parents have been scouring stores and the … Continue reading

Crossover Tees

If you know someone who can’t get enough of Dr. Who x (Insert fandom here) crossovers, Karen Hallion at Teefury.com has your birthday worries solved. Find out what happens when Ariel, Elsa, Merida, Alice, or Hermione find that blue box that everyone keeps an eye open for.   Why are there 3D glasses?  I’m not … Continue reading

Talkin bout Pop Muzik

The most ubiquitous song of 2013 will be remembered as “Let it Go.”  But, there was a time when Disney songs regularly made Top-20 lists and Best-of mix tapes.  Once, you couldn’t turn on the radio without the voices of Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, Vanessa Williams, or Celine Dion belting out their end-credits version of … Continue reading

Movie goodies

For everything I don’t miss about Japan, there’s everything I do. I used to make a habit of strolling by the movie theaters, not to see a movie but to visit the gift shop. Theaters sell posters, books, toys, and stationary for the newest movies.  It’s like mini-Disney stores all over the city! To accessorize this … Continue reading

Later Vader

When Disney acquired Star Wars, we knew what would follow: Princess Leia parodies, Vader photo ops at the Parks, and possibly a straight-to-DVD sequel.  Plus merchandise. I didn’t quite expect this, though. The DisneyStore now hosts an abundance of Star Wars items, including a Vader Hooded tee (for boys and girls, nevermind what the title … Continue reading