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5 Disney characters who just finished finals

Beast can’t believe it’s really true. Ariel shares her excitement with friends. Tiana’s got that Econ test in the bag. Rapunzel might have forgotten to put her name on the blue book. Jane went a little overboard in her excitement.   If you haven’t finished your semester yet, I’m sorry. No…wait…I’m not.  I’m done.

Let’s get down to business

We’re nearing the home stretch of the semester, as both BB and Cabbage are sprinting for the finish line of their degree. Now is not the time to lounge on the couch watching Firefly. Now is not the day that we search pinterest for nutella recipes. Now is not the hour for cruising Disney tumblrs … Continue reading

Take a dive into learning a new language!

Summer is a great opportunity to set a goal.  You could go somewhere you’ve never been, try something you’ve always wanted to, or dedicate yourself to learning something you’ve been putting off.  Like a new language.  Like Atlantean. It turns out that the lost language of Disney’s Atlantis was created for the movie by Mark … Continue reading

The Magic of… Presentations?

Again, I should have made a post that was thoughtful or at least fun, but the last few hours have been spent obsessing over angles and colors in my newest discovery, Prezi.  I seem to be late on the boat for this, but I feel like this program was made just for me.  It understands … Continue reading

Things I Should Have Learned in School

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the flag of Barbados which is basically blue and yellow with a trident on it. A broken trident, it seems, but a trident nonetheless. Had anyone bothered to tell me this when it was relevant, say during my mermaid phase, which lasted from 1989 to 1997, I would … Continue reading

Disney High

After Rose sent me a link to College, disney-style, I remembered a picture of Disney characters hanging out in high school.  (Because when I procrastinate, I type Disney into the deviantart search box and say goodbye to the rest of the afternoon.)  If Disney were a high school, who would your favorite characters be?  Rose … Continue reading