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Ironic much?

By the way, this piece from the 60s was auctioned off at SeriousToyz.  The person who now owns this Cinderella moving-hands clock is a very lucky person.  It’s a great conversation piece: “Is that…Cinderella?” “Yeah.” “Both of her arms are on the same side.” “Yeah.” “What happens when the clock strikes 12?” *knowing look*

Princesses on parade

Princesses on parade

Disney dressmakers have been hard at work, making costumes for…12 inch people. D23.com released images of the new Aurora dolls in the limited edition series of princesses and princes.  With mind-numbing attention to detail, the designers decked this dress with rose-colored rhinestones, rose embroidery, rose jewelry, and a rose crown on the gold-threaded hair. And … Continue reading

Proper cast iron skillet care

Proper cast iron skillet care

There are so many things that Gothel didn’t teach her daughter. If Rapunzel had had access to the internet, she would have known that it’s essential to dry your cast iron skillet immediately after rinsing.  This life lesson is brought to you by the wise people at HuffPost

Hardcore Heroines

Disney princess too sissy for you?  Need more poison, decapitation, and leprosy in your animated family favorites? Then the Rejected Princess series is for you. You can meet Mariya, who drove over numerous Nazi unnamed extras with her tank.   Take your inspiration from Nzinga, the Queen who kept the Portuguese at bay and the men … Continue reading

Ladies and gentlemen I present

The teaser trailer for Spring 2015’s Cinderella is out and it is…. a shoe.  It’s a pretty shoe, with a butterfly that I assume means transformation.  Nevertheless…a shoe. Look, it’s a Kenneth Branagh film, so we all know it’s going to be fantastic.  We don’t want to know what the shoe is going to look … Continue reading

Real Love is…

Real Love is…

Disney excels at love stories. But to be clear, let’s just review what love is supposed to look like.  Olaf taught us that love is putting someone else’s needs before yours, but that’s so abstract.  We need examples. and love most definitely is this entire movie.   What do you think is the most romantic … Continue reading

Reading between the taglines

More movie posters have been released for The Movie, with some character descriptions.  Since I predicted the story arc of Frozen so well, I’m going to see if my psychic abilities hold. Officially: Maleficent benevolently protects her home—the forest kingdom over which she presides—and all the creatures that dwell there, but a harsh betrayal turns Maleficent’s … Continue reading

No Frozen for you?

It just came to my attention that there is a Frozen merchandise shortage all around the world. In addition to frozen vegetables and frozen pizzas, Frozen dresses and dolls are becoming staples in every household, but unlike the former, these toys are shockingly scarce.  For a month now, parents have been scouring stores and the … Continue reading