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Passion for Pirates

Passion for Pirates

Hurrah for Pirate Day!  I know today has a longer name, but by the time this post goes live I expect to be drinking enough rum not to care. Unlike other blogs which feature breaking news about the waiting times at the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland, we focus on important topics, featured to the … Continue reading

Jack Came Back

Jack Came Back

Will n Lizabeth had problems of their own He’s on the Flying Dutchman, so they can’t make a home They named their first son after their dead friend But then Jack showed up and crashed the christenin’   Yes, Jack came back the very next day Jack came back They thought he was a goner but … Continue reading

Summer Reruns

Summer Reruns

You shouldn’t be stuck watching old King of Queens reruns when there are so many good things on Netflix this summer. This includes THREE pirate flicks:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates has new episodes for the young; the Muppets Treasure Island sets sail for the young-at-heart; and the long-awaited Pirate Fairy movie (pirate – and fairy – … Continue reading

All that glitters

Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is now out on DVD and if I didn’t need that $25 in my pocket for life-sustaining coffee, I would certainly be investing in some animated evening entertainment.  Sneak peaks that have been released over the few weeks show a strong lead with slightly ambiguous morals (but a decent heart, I am … Continue reading

The Ghost and Mrs. Cunningham

As you must have noticed from the lack of linkies, yesterday was a joke.  Today is not. The mark of a truly great sitcom screenwriter is the ability to make episode titles with puns from popular culture.  The more painful the pun, and the more obscure the cultural reference, the higher the literary skill. By this … Continue reading

Pixar Announcements

As I put on my fuzzy L. L. Bean slippers, I chanted to myself, “I wish I was at DisneyCon, I wish I was at DisneyCon.” And nothing happened. It seems that yesterday was a bonanza of Pixar glory.   (I wouldn’t know for sure; someone’s fairy godmother has bad reception.)  Here are The Company’s … Continue reading

Me. And more me.

I was charitable last week, but not so today.  My 100-1d list is turning a corner and indulging in some selfish wishes for my 99 Very Important Things To Do. 10.  Learn to sail.  Then sail a lot.  This will come in handy when I become a pirate. 11.  Take a long bath with just … Continue reading

Everything’s better in Neverland

I don’t think I like weekends.  They float out there, promising a sunny haven of productivity and netflix marathoning (yes, both, at the same time!)  But at the end of them, all you’ve managed to accomplish is moving the rope swing over 3 feet so the kids don’t squish the hostas.  And I didn’t even … Continue reading