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5 Days of Green: Emerald

I used up all my Darby O’Gill last year and now I’m quickly running out of St. Patrick’s Day themed Disney ideas! Spoonful.com is having the same problem, I see, with a paltry selection of ideas for throwing a St. Paddy’s Party.   I like the templates for felt leprechaun mouse-ears and green candied popcorn.  But Mickey’s … Continue reading

5 Days of Green: Chartreuse

I hope you all have a good St. Paddy’s Day this weekend.  I’ll be studying for comps. Therefore, in an entirely undemocratic fashion, I’m electing Mike Wazowski as the greenest Disney character ever.  He’s a big green eyeball…with a blue-green iris.

Go Evil or Go Home

I know from experience that when you wear a Disney villains costume, nearly everyone will call you, “That witch…from that movie…” (Except you, 10-year-old boy in the trunk-or-treat line.  You knew I was Maleficent last year, and you rock.) However, if you go as a group of villains, there’s no mistaking one for the other.  All … Continue reading

Summer Shindig

Our masquerade/Labyrinth/Midsummer’s Eve/fairy/birthday/wiknik party was a great success!  (Except for that weird 5 minute shower.)  Since Labyrinth is now owned by Disney (didn’t think of that, did you!?) this is a perfectly legitimate post.  We prepped for a long time.  The boys didn’t really help. Some of the prep was really just hanging out laundry. … Continue reading

Fairie Palaces

As we prepare for tomorrow’s party of awesomeness, I’ve been searching for inspiration on google images and HMOP!!!  Who designed this?  Who built it!?  Can I buy one?  Yes, I can. I would load myself up to Wayne Szalinksi’s shrink ray to live here. And, I wish I had an old sink to make a sweet … Continue reading

Been there, done that

OhMyDisney has some good advice for throwing a party, but if you’re hoping to serve more than just broken china, you might get inspiration from our Unbirthday Tea Party last year.  The primary rule is “It if seems like a bad idea, you should totally do that.” But OhMyDisney was right about the chair.