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Hats off to you

Hats off to you

It’s October 6th, an uneventful day for most people, but Hatter Day for those of us in the know.  You could also celebrate this on June 10th, if you come from the part of the world where numbers work in mysterious ways (10/6 to you, too). The important point is to not mistake it with … Continue reading

The Wiz Kid

Things I wish I’d seen before it was too late: Todrick Hall’s Wizard Costume in the newest video would have been a sweet cozplay for last year’s Oz party.  I kind of want to do the whole event over now, and just call it the Toddy party.  Unlike most of his videos, this one doesn’t really … Continue reading

The Disney-ness of Anastasia

Anastasia: Not a Disney film Except…it sort of is. If you go on Pinterest and search for Anastasia, you will not be treated with a montage of cute Dmitri-kiss photos.  The majority of web-press about this Russian princess is about whether or not she belongs in fanart about Disney princesses. Fanart.  That’s what people are trolling … Continue reading

Internet to infinity: Limit reached

The internet is awash with all manner of things crude, undesirable, cruel, intolerant, ignorant, and downright nasty.  But we have finally found the one thing that is not open for jokes, memes, or satire. In a reference to a movie that has no Disney connections (but was part of the fantasy cult club of the 80s, … Continue reading

Detour to Russia

Please allow me to interrupt your Monday with a little bit of happy feels. Buzzfeed’s 25 Reasons that Anastasia is the best animated film ever might be a wee bit inaccurate (only a bit, though), but it will squeeze your heart dry and then stuff it back up with pink glitter. It’s almost as good as … Continue reading