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This year at Comic-con (which my boss somehow is attending without me) Disney announced that AntMan is getting his own movie, starring Paul Rudd.  Paul Rudd is cute an’ clever an’ all…but Avengers material?  A superhero riding a giant ant?   Meanwhile, Black Widow still hasn’t been confirmed for her own movie.  There have been 2 … Continue reading

Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities

Disney has cast the cutest kid ever for the new Jungle Book movie.   This kid is so adorable, he makes penguins look like rats.  He’s so charming, Snow White just left home.  That face is so perfect, I’d buy a forever stamp of him and then never ever use it (this is the true … Continue reading

Jack Came Back

Jack Came Back

Will n Lizabeth had problems of their own He’s on the Flying Dutchman, so they can’t make a home They named their first son after their dead friend But then Jack showed up and crashed the christenin’   Yes, Jack came back the very next day Jack came back They thought he was a goner but … Continue reading

It’s always cooler in Japanese, too

In keeping with Disney’s new tradition of releasing trailers that give absolutely no information, the English trailer for this winter’s Big Hero 6 is a boy playing with Stay Puff Marshmallow Man’s friendly little brother.  If you saw Maleficent on opening weekend (you did see Maleficent on opening weekend, didn’t you?) you might have been surprised and confused, … Continue reading

More Insight into “Inside Out”

While Cabbage has been raving about Maleficent, new and important updates have been given to us from Pixar headquarters! For a while it looked like all we were going to get were teasers from Miss Kaling. However, now Pixar has given us an actual plot! Emotions run a muck in  an 11-year old girl’s head as she … Continue reading


Skumps! Skumps! A toast to this night! Prince Charming did marry his lovely Snow White And Goodwin and Dallas just had their first child. Skumps! Skumps! Skumps! Wrong movie, but we never turn down an opportunity to break out the booze. Ginifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, of Once Upon a Time cuteness and swagger just welcomed … Continue reading

You’ll never want to leave

In case you really (like really, really) can’t wait for Season 4 to come out this fall, tumblr and fans have gotten together and created an ambitious project, a fan-based interactive media extravaganza of fairy tale sitcom to help you.  Like the Once Upon a Time world, fans will be able to create a persona pre- … Continue reading

Ladies and gentlemen I present

The teaser trailer for Spring 2015’s Cinderella is out and it is…. a shoe.  It’s a pretty shoe, with a butterfly that I assume means transformation.  Nevertheless…a shoe. Look, it’s a Kenneth Branagh film, so we all know it’s going to be fantastic.  We don’t want to know what the shoe is going to look … Continue reading

No Frozen for you?

It just came to my attention that there is a Frozen merchandise shortage all around the world. In addition to frozen vegetables and frozen pizzas, Frozen dresses and dolls are becoming staples in every household, but unlike the former, these toys are shockingly scarce.  For a month now, parents have been scouring stores and the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Earth!

Stop everything you’re doing because this is the one day that we’re supposed to pay attention to all the stuff on Earth! At least all the non-human stuff, which is why it’s only a day. Except for sharks, which get a week. I promise we’ll plan next year’s party much better, as Disney has announced that Earth … Continue reading