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The Wiz Kid

Things I wish I’d seen before it was too late: Todrick Hall’s Wizard Costume in the newest video would have been a sweet cozplay for last year’s Oz party.  I kind of want to do the whole event over now, and just call it the Toddy party.  Unlike most of his videos, this one doesn’t really … Continue reading

Richard Sherman talks Music Magic

I just love it when a Disney legend unexpectedly interrupts my afternoon radio news – don’t you? Richard Sherman recently appeared on NPR’s Song Travels to discuss his career writing music with Walt.  He and his brother Robert penned many of the tunes that are iconic Disney favorites – the Mary Poppins and Jungle Book … Continue reading

Unofficial Disney Soundtrack

Sometimes a song matches the mood and strength of a movie or TV show so well, you have to go back and make sure that it wasn’t, in fact, intended for that purpose.  Since Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” is basically Regina’s banner song, I wanted to double check.  Turns out that Perry had the Catholic school … Continue reading

Disney + coffee

Ever get that urge to just have a Disney marathon in the  middle of studying? Or do you get the brilliant idea to hit up a coffee shop late at night?  OR BOTH TOGETHER?? Even better with green aprons

Miss Misunderstood

The folks who showed us Elsa shaking things up in Cinderella’s penthouse princess slumber party have done it again, by letting the villains have their say. Todrick Hall’s villain Disney cell block tango revelled in their evil deeds, but AVbyte wants you to take a moment and think about the possibility that these wicked women … Continue reading

Vader Time

I take back every sour thing I thought about Disney acquiring Star Wars, for this 46 moments of the best pop culture moment ever. There’s nothing to say.  I can’t even touch this. I’ve always wanted to see a clip of Aladdin, whose costume was based on the Hammer pants,  doing the famous slide, but now … Continue reading

Talkin bout Pop Muzik

The most ubiquitous song of 2013 will be remembered as “Let it Go.”  But, there was a time when Disney songs regularly made Top-20 lists and Best-of mix tapes.  Once, you couldn’t turn on the radio without the voices of Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, Vanessa Williams, or Celine Dion belting out their end-credits version of … Continue reading

5 Days of Green: Lime (in the coconut)

If you’ve started your St. Paddy’s drinking early, you’ll have already belted out a few good Irish tunes, like “My Darling Irish Boy.” In case you can’t remember the third verse of Greensleeves, here’s some more green songs from the Disneyvault. Friends on the Other Side: green with envy, green with money, green with slime … Continue reading