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When Disney scientists go too far

There’s a lot of science in the magic, but we think that cloning and 5th-Element-esque rapid cell generation might be too much.  Elsa’s dopelganger, who appeared on Fox News, might claim to be just a normal teen, but I think we all know who’s really behind the look-a-like.  Ludwig Von Drake got a little too carried … Continue reading

The R-Word

This post is about rape.  This post is about the plot of Maleficent.  While there are few excuses for avoiding constructive conversation about the former, I can totally understand wanting to stay clear of spoilers for the latter.  So you can skip this, but only if you have a valid reason.  Tomorrow, we will return to … Continue reading

Now accepting applications

Wanted:  Nanny for one discombobulated adult.  Choice position.  Pick your own hours.  Must be able to tolerate loud banging from other apartment tenants.  Extravagant, plush sleeping conditions with extra throw pillows (recently Scotchguarded). Wage negotiated upon at interview. I have arrived at the conclusion that I need magical intervention.  It’s not entirely fair that all … Continue reading

Sing it, Johnny boy

The Steinbeck montage on Google’s Doodle yesterday put me in the mood to lean back with a sprig of straw between my teeth and pick tunes on my banjo.  Those were the good years and the bad years.  When you knew your neighbor, but your neighbor might end up packing up in a wagon bound … Continue reading

For the ladies

Yesterday, I explained how Frozen: the Musical turned into a tedious and unfocused story, despite potentially delightful characters and winter-wonderland beauty.  I’m suspicious of my own judgment over the movie because everyone else seems to have loved it.  My frustration yesterday may have been brought about by a case of the girl’s ever-lovin, once-a-monthin blues. … Continue reading

How to say goodbye in style

When the time comes to bid your adieus, Disney movies have taught us that we should always dress for the occasion… and be observant of cultural differences… but remember that some things transcend language …species… even mortality. Rose and BriBear are leaving me all alone in Springfield, but I won’t hold a grudge.  Wishing you … Continue reading

Karma Credit

Sometimes life bitch-slaps you.  Slapping back is not an appropriate response. A better technique is to store up good juju beforehand, to be proactive and avoid conflict in the first place. Today’s Very Important Things To Do are about earning karma credit. 7.  Help a friend with something he or she can’t do alone.  Maybe … Continue reading

99 Days of Summer

This is not a bucket list. This list is things that I want to do and want to stop putting off.  I want to do them more than once.  I should do some of them at least every day.  Some of them are inspired by Pooh or Disney, and some of them just sound like … Continue reading

Point of view

Fireworks are a fourth of July tradition, right?  An American tradition.  A Midwestern tradition.  I’ve just got to let the boys experience the joys of lighting their own fountains and whirly-gigs and watching science in action. But while this is what the boys see… this is what I see…