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We Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like You

We Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like You

It’s hard to find words for the man who was always two lines of improv ahead of everyone else.  How can we offer enough tribute to the profound impact Robin Williams had on our lives, as every person of the world mourns one of the greatest comedians of our time?  (every person who has a funny … Continue reading

Richard Sherman talks Music Magic

I just love it when a Disney legend unexpectedly interrupts my afternoon radio news – don’t you? Richard Sherman recently appeared on NPR’s Song Travels to discuss his career writing music with Walt.  He and his brother Robert penned many of the tunes that are iconic Disney favorites – the Mary Poppins and Jungle Book … Continue reading

The most important person at Disney

You’ve probably never even heard of the man without whom Disney would be unable to function, who is credited in multiple movies, and who is loved by all staff. In addition to being a technician who is in charge of important technical stuff, Carlos Benavides also moonlights as caffeination specialist. He kept candy cute in … Continue reading

The Disney-ness of Anastasia

Anastasia: Not a Disney film Except…it sort of is. If you go on Pinterest and search for Anastasia, you will not be treated with a montage of cute Dmitri-kiss photos.  The majority of web-press about this Russian princess is about whether or not she belongs in fanart about Disney princesses. Fanart.  That’s what people are trolling … Continue reading


Springfield is in Snow Day Day No. Im-going-bat-crazy-here.  The drifting fluff outside the window ought to make me sigh in wintry pleasure, but I can only take so much of my own kids’ company. And, last Thursday, my car did this. So, until the nice people at AmFam can get it fixed for me, I … Continue reading

Pixar Announcements

As I put on my fuzzy L. L. Bean slippers, I chanted to myself, “I wish I was at DisneyCon, I wish I was at DisneyCon.” And nothing happened. It seems that yesterday was a bonanza of Pixar glory.   (I wouldn’t know for sure; someone’s fairy godmother has bad reception.)  Here are The Company’s … Continue reading

Faith n b’gora!

I’ve mentioned two of my favorite Disney foxes, Vixie and Robin Hood.  But the best bushy red is “Fox” from Mary Poppins.   Who, me? The poor wee fella is out on a fine summer day when a rude pack of dogs hails after him.  Luckily, some sympathetic lads and lasses on loose carousel horses … Continue reading

Funny Straight to the Heart

When he wasn’t competing for World’s Worst Dad in Mary Poppins, David Tomlinson was also swindling the good people of London with hocus-pocus and back-stabbing Americans over misbehaving cars.  In other words, Tomlinson was a perfect antagonist for Disney movies, not scary or machiavellian, just petty and selfish.  His humor and sad, puppy eyes enabled … Continue reading

Now it’s time to say goodbye…

Disney fans old and young are saddened by today’s death of Annette Funicello, actress, singer, and of course Mousketeer.  She was the most popular of the original Mickey Mouse Club members, and her face under the black hat and bow is the well-known image of the show. Americans knew her as just “Annette,” a house-hold … Continue reading

King of the Leprechauns

A good Disney St. Patty’s Day would have to include Darby’s adventures with the wee little people of King Brian.  (And Sean Connery singing, I mentioned that before.)  Folk stories are woven together into a timeless battle of wits between the fairy of the mountain and a wily old fox.  Their tricks involve whiskey, horses, … Continue reading