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The R-Word

This post is about rape.  This post is about the plot of Maleficent.  While there are few excuses for avoiding constructive conversation about the former, I can totally understand wanting to stay clear of spoilers for the latter.  So you can skip this, but only if you have a valid reason.  Tomorrow, we will return to … Continue reading

That was unexpected

This picture is not what you think it is. Neither is this. Unless you were one of the 90s kids who chanted and cheered with the Jamaican bobsled team in Disney’s Cool Runnings; in which case, it is exactly what you think it is. Leading his makeshift team of sprinters and pushcart drivers across the … Continue reading

Real Love is…

Real Love is…

Disney excels at love stories. But to be clear, let’s just review what love is supposed to look like.  Olaf taught us that love is putting someone else’s needs before yours, but that’s so abstract.  We need examples. and love most definitely is this entire movie.   What do you think is the most romantic … Continue reading

You can do it!

Finals are done, the summer has started up, but our heads are too mooshed up to do much more than lay in bed and read Meg Cabot books.  You might have trouble coming down from the continual educational washback of tests, quizzes, and reader feedback, but you’re probably not up to opening those comp-prep books … Continue reading

Circle of Life

I’ve been trying to find something to post in memorial of the victims of the Boston attack, and it has been difficult.  The thing about Disney movies is that everything always turns out ok in the end, and we know that everything happens for a reason.  Fairy tales have to have villains and adversity for … Continue reading

Duffy says…

If you know your Disney like a Japanese high schooler with her own drawer of Disney accessories, you’ll know all about Duffy, right?  The teddy bear that Minnie made for Mickey.  The one with the mouse-ears on the paws.  The one that wears a cute sailor outfit and wanders around Epcot in Florida and DisneySea … Continue reading