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Storybrooke Live is Live!

Storybrooke Live is Live!

The fan-driven interactive site Storybrooke live started Tuesday with updates from all the characters as we begin our journey through 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time.  Travelling at an episode every 2 days, the citizens of the town only know themselves as members of Our World.  Cast are role-playing the official characters, and keeping … Continue reading

What’s the motto with you?

I pillaged this from the Facebook group Disney Addicts Only. (No kidding – my fb is set to English (Pirate), so I have to select “pillage” to download something.) It’s so correct, I even have my motto on my morning coffee mug.

Finally an online quiz that works

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but according to Buzzfeed I am full-on Disney obsessed.  I might have gotten extra points for having a Disney blog and going to Tokyo DisneySea and hosting a Disney-theme party.  Also, I like this word “Disnerd.”  It’s not as easy to pronounce as “dipster” but it has a certain ring … Continue reading

All that glitters

Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is now out on DVD and if I didn’t need that $25 in my pocket for life-sustaining coffee, I would certainly be investing in some animated evening entertainment.  Sneak peaks that have been released over the few weeks show a strong lead with slightly ambiguous morals (but a decent heart, I am … Continue reading


Kingdom Heart’s fb page today hosted a little survey to gauge fan interest in preordering their new release Kingdom Hearts two and a half!  two point five!  Whatever, the world needs saving and only Sora can do it! (By the way, if you take the survey, vote for Artbook and keyblade keychain for promos.) This … Continue reading

Disney game night

This should be a thing. Seriously, why aren’t there Disney trivia game shows? “I’ll take Sidekicks and Shenanigans for 400, Alec.” “The category for this round is Song Lyrics. Let’s spin the Mickey, but watch your fingers when the ears roll by.” “Yes, Big Thunder Mountain is my final answer!” I would win so much! … Continue reading

Gears and girls and ghouls, oh my!

I know that I had decided on a Zarina cosplay, but that has been shelved for now.  A new breed of awesome has arrived today. She’s Steampunk.  She’s Disney.  She’s a painter of imagination. She’s your guide on a new game reliving all your favorite Disney movies. Disney has introduced a new game for Facebook, … Continue reading

Keen eyes for hidden ears

I tried Spoonful.com’s Hidden Mickeys at the Beach quiz and bombed.  Good thing I don’t get graded for this kind of thing.  I think my eyes/brain don’t work the right way for these kinds of things. To make it up, though, I’m dedicating tomorrow to trying to find a Hidden Mickey downtown or on my … Continue reading