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Disney movies are really about…

Frozen and Maleficent get a lot of attention for being “the first Disney movie” to show true love that’s not romantic.  Disney is being applauded for breaking its own mold and setting up good role models for today’s youth.  Meanwhile, Walt is sitting on his cloud, grumbling, “What am I, Cookie’s leftover lard?”  To be clear, the classics … Continue reading

Thieves’ Oath

  All Disney movies are made for kids and about kids.  But, the tumbling, rumbling, rambling, gamboling youngsters from the 60’s and 70’s, the years of 101 Dalmations, Aristocats, Jungle Book, and Robin Hood, are so realistic you wonder if they were made by kids, too. After all, we all know that kid, the one who … Continue reading

I won’t say I’m in love (reprise)

Did you realize that Jack and Sally never say those three little words?  Even though it’s plain, for anyone to see,  they’re simply meant to be, they don’t call their feelings “love.” I wonder if that was something that Tim Burton decided and enforced.  It would be odd, after all, to listen to ghoulies and … Continue reading

Las Chicas

There’s always plenty of good bromance in Disney, not just the new Pixar kind.  There was Pete and his dragon, Pinocchio and his cricket, Lightning and his tow-truck.  Friendship was the theme of the movie for Oliver and Dodger, Tod and Copper, and now the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  Who can forget Robin and Little … Continue reading