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My sons asked me why I have taken up yoga, when all I do is curse and groan for 20 minutes. Pooh doesn’t question.  Pooh understands. When I up down, I improve my mood.  And when I touch the ground, I’m in the mood for food.  You see, I know I’m not alone in thinking poundage-wise, … Continue reading

Disney cocktails, improved

The last attempt to make a Disney movie cocktail list went sour after about four shots of rum.  Next time, we’ll try this sober. We may not need a next time, though, because Cocktails by Cody has made a series of brilliant, delicious, and fine-looking cocktail drinks inspired by Disney characters. I love Disney and I … Continue reading

Disney and chocolate, together at last

If you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, today is the day to start gnawing on bunny heads.  And I know just where to start. The Grand Floridian, home of the make-your-own-crazy-expensive gingerbread house, is doing Easter in style, too.  Eighteen extra jumbo chocolate eggs have been painted with cocoa butter in scenes from the classics. … Continue reading

The Disney Diet

Although Thursday’s post reminds us that Big is Beautiful, Healthy is also Beautiful.  Big and Healthy is Beautiful. Disney characters have some good advice for eating well, and like all things in life, balance is key. An Apple a Day Once considered nature’s junk food, now known to be packed with nutrients, apples illustrate the benefits … Continue reading

5 Days of Green: Emerald

I used up all my Darby O’Gill last year and now I’m quickly running out of St. Patrick’s Day themed Disney ideas! Spoonful.com is having the same problem, I see, with a paltry selection of ideas for throwing a St. Paddy’s Party.   I like the templates for felt leprechaun mouse-ears and green candied popcorn.  But Mickey’s … Continue reading

What’s dark brown and round?

What’s dark brown and round?

Warning:  This post may contain images and descriptions inappropriate for those refraining from sweets/chocolate/candy/disney during Lent. Yesterday was a Fish Friday.   Today is not.   Break out the dessert. Miss Erica at SweetTooth says that she realized her man was the right one at Disney world, and I can completely relate to that.  Of … Continue reading

In which we crush fruit

    On a hot muggy day in July, I mentioned how it was so hot that I wanted ice cream, but that would require putting a bra over my sunburn, which was even worse than not having ice cream.  If my husband was not 100,000 miles away, I’d make him get the ice cream … Continue reading

Now that Rose is in a car bound for Portland, I’ll continue the 99 Very Important Things To Do list.  (Because why blog for her when I can walk into the kitchen and just tell her my next big idea.   Like…   16.  Buy a Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  I’ve wanted to since I was … Continue reading

Go Green

Many good things are green.  Plants.  Cash.  My high school mascot.  The (100-1) d list continues, in style. 13.  Climb a tree.  That’s what they’re there for. 14.  Plant a tree.  That’s what you’re here for. 15.  Steal the broccoli wine recipe from Cartoon’s.  It’s wicked good.

Me. And more me.

I was charitable last week, but not so today.  My 100-1d list is turning a corner and indulging in some selfish wishes for my 99 Very Important Things To Do. 10.  Learn to sail.  Then sail a lot.  This will come in handy when I become a pirate. 11.  Take a long bath with just … Continue reading