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Hats off to you

Hats off to you

It’s October 6th, an uneventful day for most people, but Hatter Day for those of us in the know.  You could also celebrate this on June 10th, if you come from the part of the world where numbers work in mysterious ways (10/6 to you, too). The important point is to not mistake it with … Continue reading

Passion for Pirates

Passion for Pirates

Hurrah for Pirate Day!  I know today has a longer name, but by the time this post goes live I expect to be drinking enough rum not to care. Unlike other blogs which feature breaking news about the waiting times at the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland, we focus on important topics, featured to the … Continue reading

Ironic much?

By the way, this piece from the 60s was auctioned off at SeriousToyz.  The person who now owns this Cinderella moving-hands clock is a very lucky person.  It’s a great conversation piece: “Is that…Cinderella?” “Yeah.” “Both of her arms are on the same side.” “Yeah.” “What happens when the clock strikes 12?” *knowing look*

Summer Reruns

Summer Reruns

You shouldn’t be stuck watching old King of Queens reruns when there are so many good things on Netflix this summer. This includes THREE pirate flicks:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates has new episodes for the young; the Muppets Treasure Island sets sail for the young-at-heart; and the long-awaited Pirate Fairy movie (pirate – and fairy – … Continue reading

Richard Sherman talks Music Magic

I just love it when a Disney legend unexpectedly interrupts my afternoon radio news – don’t you? Richard Sherman recently appeared on NPR’s Song Travels to discuss his career writing music with Walt.  He and his brother Robert penned many of the tunes that are iconic Disney favorites – the Mary Poppins and Jungle Book … Continue reading

That was unexpected

This picture is not what you think it is. Neither is this. Unless you were one of the 90s kids who chanted and cheered with the Jamaican bobsled team in Disney’s Cool Runnings; in which case, it is exactly what you think it is. Leading his makeshift team of sprinters and pushcart drivers across the … Continue reading

Pocketbook to Magic

Join Mickey and pals on a trip….A Visit to Disneyland   This is the Authorized Edition, in case you got tricked into purchasing the Unauthorized Version (though I recommend the Unofficial Guides to the Parks.) If Saving Mr. Banks left you with an itch to recollect your first family trip, or you want to see the … Continue reading

Internet to infinity: Limit reached

The internet is awash with all manner of things crude, undesirable, cruel, intolerant, ignorant, and downright nasty.  But we have finally found the one thing that is not open for jokes, memes, or satire. In a reference to a movie that has no Disney connections (but was part of the fantasy cult club of the 80s, … Continue reading

The Ghost and Mrs. Cunningham

As you must have noticed from the lack of linkies, yesterday was a joke.  Today is not. The mark of a truly great sitcom screenwriter is the ability to make episode titles with puns from popular culture.  The more painful the pun, and the more obscure the cultural reference, the higher the literary skill. By this … Continue reading

Sequel mania

Seriously, Disney?  The sequel thing has gone a little too far. Disney announced last week that, among their other franchises, 90’s TV hit Tail Spin will also be getting a reboot.  Today, a promo shot was released featuring our favorite Baloo, a weird robot, and Sher Khan, the original 1%.  Little information has been given about … Continue reading