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Wear that Dark Pride

Wear that Dark Pride

Villainry is going couture now, as the folks at TeeVillain create limited-edition designs of pop culture’s most deliciously evil characters.  Disney icons are not forgotten, of course, as Maleficent, Snow White’s stepmother, and even the less murderous Jack Skellington have been highlighted.  If you spot your favorite horror hero on the release day, you can nab the … Continue reading

Make yourself up

It’s the first day of July, so I hope you already have a plan for your costume. You don’t?!  You only have 4 months to go! Fashion-hair-person-who-knows-stuff Kandeej to the rescue with a long list of make-up tutorials for Disney and non-Disney dress up days.  You have 122 days to practice your favorite look.

Which witch is which

Nick Pitera and Angelina Jolie both took stage at DisneyCon, and I missed my chance to see them.  So, I’ll have to stalk them separately now; missing D23 is actually anti-productive for me. The Company rolled out more information about next year’s Maleficent, telling fans that she was once good, then turned bad, but might … Continue reading

Princess Fashionista

Who made these and are there more? Would you wear these down the street, or hide them away and only bring them out for D23?  Would you change your mind if it was a different character? Tomorrow we see the results of the Pinterester project.

No Capes

We love fashion.  We love Disney.  And we are not the only ones.  One of the most blessed gifts the internet has provided is Disneybound on tumblr and now pinterest.  The creator designs outfits around characters that 1) showcase the design and colors  2) embrace the personality, but most importantly 3) are clothes I would … Continue reading

Cinderella’s Honeymoon

I’m not sure how I feel about the outfit (as a blonde, I know that beige isn’t flattering ), but at least we know Cindy got her happily ever after.  I like to think of this as a 10-year anniversary photo, still as in love as that first one look.  From Oscar de la Renta

Best Dressed – Animal Edition

After OMD posted on dashing men of the technicolor screen, I thought, “I wanna do that!  I can combine my two great loves for the betterment of the world,” and a cursory search of the internet found that most Disney fashion blogs are bare-boned and unimaginative, or worse, written by men. Rather than dwell on … Continue reading