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That’s Mr. Bubbles to you

That’s Mr. Bubbles to you

If I had to pick any Disney character to call in an emergency, catastrophe, or totally-not-my-fault conundrum, it would be this man: Cobra Bubbles, ex-CIA, Hawaiian social services, intergalactic agent. It’s true that Mary Poppins is the cream of the crop and tip of the top, and Genie has phenomenal cosmic powers, but this man … Continue reading

When Disney scientists go too far

There’s a lot of science in the magic, but we think that cloning and 5th-Element-esque rapid cell generation might be too much.  Elsa’s dopelganger, who appeared on Fox News, might claim to be just a normal teen, but I think we all know who’s really behind the look-a-like.  Ludwig Von Drake got a little too carried … Continue reading

Disney movies are really about…

Frozen and Maleficent get a lot of attention for being “the first Disney movie” to show true love that’s not romantic.  Disney is being applauded for breaking its own mold and setting up good role models for today’s youth.  Meanwhile, Walt is sitting on his cloud, grumbling, “What am I, Cookie’s leftover lard?”  To be clear, the classics … Continue reading

Moana joins Disney’s ohana

(I need to learn Samoan if I want to improve my puns.) Disney will soon have its second Pacific Islander movie and first Polynesian princess movie.  Little information has been posted about the projected 2018 film, and leaked concept art was quickly pulled, but fans are fired up about another long-overdue PoC.  By the time this … Continue reading

You were like a brother to me!

Disney has switched to using this mysterious calculator, and it’s kind of like Pascal’s Wager, by which they can measure the likelihood that people will buy the characters, and therefore buy the movie. It looks like this:   This results in a serious imbalance of relationships.   While boys always get to bring their friends along … Continue reading

How to say goodbye in style

When the time comes to bid your adieus, Disney movies have taught us that we should always dress for the occasion… and be observant of cultural differences… but remember that some things transcend language …species… even mortality. Rose and BriBear are leaving me all alone in Springfield, but I won’t hold a grudge.  Wishing you … Continue reading

Set your priorities

The 100 minus 1 day list, in which we have 99 Very Important Things To Do, continues. Today we eat. 4.   Have a picnic.  With my sons.  With my sisters. With friends.  Possibly with strangers, but only if they provide the food. 5.  Make honey kisses.  These drop cookies are one of the first … Continue reading

99 Days of Summer

This is not a bucket list. This list is things that I want to do and want to stop putting off.  I want to do them more than once.  I should do some of them at least every day.  Some of them are inspired by Pooh or Disney, and some of them just sound like … Continue reading