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Summer Reruns

Summer Reruns

You shouldn’t be stuck watching old King of Queens reruns when there are so many good things on Netflix this summer. This includes THREE pirate flicks:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates has new episodes for the young; the Muppets Treasure Island sets sail for the young-at-heart; and the long-awaited Pirate Fairy movie (pirate – and fairy – … Continue reading

Pimped ride

I apologize that this picture is so bad, but I haven’t caught up to the i-phone fad yet. What you should be noticing (other than the cheetah seat covers) is that someone at MSU has totally pimped out her steering wheel with puff-paint tinkerbell decals. I don’t know if that makes driving difficult, but random university … Continue reading

All that glitters

Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is now out on DVD and if I didn’t need that $25 in my pocket for life-sustaining coffee, I would certainly be investing in some animated evening entertainment.  Sneak peaks that have been released over the few weeks show a strong lead with slightly ambiguous morals (but a decent heart, I am … Continue reading

Pixar Announcements

As I put on my fuzzy L. L. Bean slippers, I chanted to myself, “I wish I was at DisneyCon, I wish I was at DisneyCon.” And nothing happened. It seems that yesterday was a bonanza of Pixar glory.   (I wouldn’t know for sure; someone’s fairy godmother has bad reception.)  Here are The Company’s … Continue reading

Fairie Palaces

As we prepare for tomorrow’s party of awesomeness, I’ve been searching for inspiration on google images and HMOP!!!  Who designed this?  Who built it!?  Can I buy one?  Yes, I can. I would load myself up to Wayne Szalinksi’s shrink ray to live here. And, I wish I had an old sink to make a sweet … Continue reading

Not Fair! *pout*

It’s just not fair!  Yes, I had mermaids and magic carpets and white mares and David Bowie in tights (which almost counts as a Sparrow Man).  But, when Disney finally got around to making its own Neverfairy paradise of  outdoorsy, animal cutesy, dewdrop in your teacup and blueberry on your plate marketing gold, I was … Continue reading