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It’s all very hush-hush

In the excitement over (award-winning, viral songs, yadayada) Frozen and this summer’s Maleficent, Disney is waiting to roll out the campaign carpet for Inside Out. What’s that? You know, that movie where the characters are emotions in a little girl’s head? The one where the backdrop is just a black screen? *sigh* The one with … Continue reading

Mix me, baby

Before Darren Criss was totally awesome, he was Disney hip.  Other actors may pretend, for their fans, but we’re pretty sure in their free time they drink expensive wine on an exclusive beach in Tahiti in their designer wedges with a private bassa nova band in the background.  We know what Darren does in his … Continue reading


Have you ever met a person that says, “I guess Disney’s okay… I watched Lion King, but I haven’t seen anything since then,” and you said, “But you watched Lilo and Stitch, right?” and he or she said “Um…no…” and you spasmed in your chair and arranged a movie-viewing party right then? Just me? It … Continue reading