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My Little Villains

My Little Villains

Show your villainous pride this month with Spoonful.com’s papercrafts. The Disney-owned site has rolled out plenty of Halloween crafts for the season and pulled back some of their old favorites. The bowling set is simple enough for children to cut and tape themselves.  In fact, you don’t have to bowl with them at all, if … Continue reading

Pimped ride

I apologize that this picture is so bad, but I haven’t caught up to the i-phone fad yet. What you should be noticing (other than the cheetah seat covers) is that someone at MSU has totally pimped out her steering wheel with puff-paint tinkerbell decals. I don’t know if that makes driving difficult, but random university … Continue reading

If you could build anything…

you would build a massive online recreation of Disneyland, wouldn’t you? Since the video game Minecraft allows players to chop, farm, and mine the 16-bit world that they are dropped into, the fun of the game is not really surviving like Daniel Boone in the wilderness but in developing a home of their pure imagination.  The … Continue reading

Mutant Easter Bunny

It’s still too early to be planning for Easter, since I haven’t decided what non-meat to serve for dinner this Friday. We assumed it would be much the same as every year, watching Bean Bunny run from the big, bad dog. Easter conventions don’t hold much appeal for me.  But what if there were giant, … Continue reading

Idle hands make… Disney crafts!

I have decided to be productive this summer.  So, I went onto pinterest because the last time I decided to be productive I had a week of my life sapped out of me by lifehacker.com.  Did you know that there is a blog out there dedicated to trying things on pinterest?  When the minds of … Continue reading

Princess To-go

The End of the Semester comes upon us.  (The capitals are for emphasis.  Put on your best announcer voice for that line.)  For some, it looms too soon.  For some, it has taken its fine time showing up.  For some, we hardly notice the arrival because we’re taking incompletes and already broke out our flip-flops … Continue reading