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Please stand behind the line

Please stand behind the line

In order to make sure that all the guests are cooperating with castmembers, the Festival of Fantasy parade now wheels along this fire-breathing monster at the beginning.  It whacks small children who cross the line. Just kidding. (This is why Disney will never really hire me.) Photo credit goes to David Punch, shared by Disney … Continue reading

Princesses on parade

Princesses on parade

Disney dressmakers have been hard at work, making costumes for…12 inch people. D23.com released images of the new Aurora dolls in the limited edition series of princesses and princes.  With mind-numbing attention to detail, the designers decked this dress with rose-colored rhinestones, rose embroidery, rose jewelry, and a rose crown on the gold-threaded hair. And … Continue reading

Masters Degree in DizCoz

Masters Degree in DizCoz

So you got a mermaid outfit at Party Central for Halloween this year?  That’s cute. You may be vintage, but you’ll never be dressed-up-as-thumbelina-including-weird-hair vintage. I don’t always go into the jungle.  But when I do, I get rescued by flying men in loinclothes. Ryoko-demon‘s Disney cosplay is truly at a Sensei-white belt-virtuoso-master level.  I mean, … Continue reading

Hardcore Heroines

Disney princess too sissy for you?  Need more poison, decapitation, and leprosy in your animated family favorites? Then the Rejected Princess series is for you. You can meet Mariya, who drove over numerous Nazi unnamed extras with her tank.   Take your inspiration from Nzinga, the Queen who kept the Portuguese at bay and the men … Continue reading

D is for Disney

A is for Alice   Z is for Zazu. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I just go to thedisneyprincess.tumblr.com.  Then, my rainbow comes shining through.  

Disney cocktails, improved

The last attempt to make a Disney movie cocktail list went sour after about four shots of rum.  Next time, we’ll try this sober. We may not need a next time, though, because Cocktails by Cody has made a series of brilliant, delicious, and fine-looking cocktail drinks inspired by Disney characters. I love Disney and I … Continue reading

Crossover Tees

If you know someone who can’t get enough of Dr. Who x (Insert fandom here) crossovers, Karen Hallion at Teefury.com has your birthday worries solved. Find out what happens when Ariel, Elsa, Merida, Alice, or Hermione find that blue box that everyone keeps an eye open for.   Why are there 3D glasses?  I’m not … Continue reading

Disney and chocolate, together at last

If you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, today is the day to start gnawing on bunny heads.  And I know just where to start. The Grand Floridian, home of the make-your-own-crazy-expensive gingerbread house, is doing Easter in style, too.  Eighteen extra jumbo chocolate eggs have been painted with cocoa butter in scenes from the classics. … Continue reading

The best of gender-bend

Recasting Disney men as women or women as men is the hippest fanart trend of the last few years.  Sometimes, it’s just artists changing the hairstyle or touching up the cheekbones, but many of these recreations are thoughtful and dazzling. Miyuli’s tumblr blog hosts several of these, and my favorite is the witchy dancer Esmeraldo … Continue reading

If you could build anything…

you would build a massive online recreation of Disneyland, wouldn’t you? Since the video game Minecraft allows players to chop, farm, and mine the 16-bit world that they are dropped into, the fun of the game is not really surviving like Daniel Boone in the wilderness but in developing a home of their pure imagination.  The … Continue reading