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99 dogs and a villain

My internet connection has been shoddy all week, so instead of a blogcast, I give you puppies!  I hear the internet just loves puppies! And like my students, I will make much use of emphatic devices that add no meaning to the sentence; also, I give you semi-colons because who doesn’t love semi-colons? You know … Continue reading



My sons asked me why I have taken up yoga, when all I do is curse and groan for 20 minutes. Pooh doesn’t question.  Pooh understands. When I up down, I improve my mood.  And when I touch the ground, I’m in the mood for food.  You see, I know I’m not alone in thinking poundage-wise, … Continue reading

Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities

Disney has cast the cutest kid ever for the new Jungle Book movie.   This kid is so adorable, he makes penguins look like rats.  He’s so charming, Snow White just left home.  That face is so perfect, I’d buy a forever stamp of him and then never ever use it (this is the true … Continue reading

Real Love is…

Real Love is…

Disney excels at love stories. But to be clear, let’s just review what love is supposed to look like.  Olaf taught us that love is putting someone else’s needs before yours, but that’s so abstract.  We need examples. and love most definitely is this entire movie.   What do you think is the most romantic … Continue reading

Protecting Pachyderms

It’s not often that Disney is mentioned on NPR, and even more rare that it should be featured on Science Friday.  So it’s exciting that Animal Kingdom’s Joseph Soltis was on air last week to highlight the efforts to understand elephant signals.  You have probably heard recently about research on animals skilled in sound, like do parrots dance, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Earth!

Stop everything you’re doing because this is the one day that we’re supposed to pay attention to all the stuff on Earth! At least all the non-human stuff, which is why it’s only a day. Except for sharks, which get a week. I promise we’ll plan next year’s party much better, as Disney has announced that Earth … Continue reading

The Disney Diet

Although Thursday’s post reminds us that Big is Beautiful, Healthy is also Beautiful.  Big and Healthy is Beautiful. Disney characters have some good advice for eating well, and like all things in life, balance is key. An Apple a Day Once considered nature’s junk food, now known to be packed with nutrients, apples illustrate the benefits … Continue reading

The Ghost and Mrs. Cunningham

As you must have noticed from the lack of linkies, yesterday was a joke.  Today is not. The mark of a truly great sitcom screenwriter is the ability to make episode titles with puns from popular culture.  The more painful the pun, and the more obscure the cultural reference, the higher the literary skill. By this … Continue reading