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I want to live like animals

In 1998, some of  us thought Darren Hayes said, “I want to live like cannibals.”  Some heard it “cannonballs.” Those are both valid answers.  But, class, the best choice is “animals.”  The answer to 22, 23, and 24 in our (100-1)day list is B. 22.  Talk to the bears in the zoo.  That’s how Christopher Robin … Continue reading

Pinkies Up

You might think from this blog that I am the sort of person who walks around the yard barefoot and has fish fries on the back porch. You would be right.  Though, I’ll stress how hard it is to find good fish in Missouri. But, even though I start my sentences with conjunctives, I can … Continue reading


  We all want to be beautiful.  We all want the world around us to be beautiful.  Rihanna says we all want love, too, but I suspect a random survey would reveal that most people would rather have chocolate instead. The next 3 items on the (100-1)d list are about making things just a bit … Continue reading

Now that Rose is in a car bound for Portland, I’ll continue the 99 Very Important Things To Do list.  (Because why blog for her when I can walk into the kitchen and just tell her my next big idea.   Like…   16.  Buy a Netherland Dwarf rabbit.  I’ve wanted to since I was … Continue reading

Go Green

Many good things are green.  Plants.  Cash.  My high school mascot.  The (100-1) d list continues, in style. 13.  Climb a tree.  That’s what they’re there for. 14.  Plant a tree.  That’s what you’re here for. 15.  Steal the broccoli wine recipe from Cartoon’s.  It’s wicked good.

Me. And more me.

I was charitable last week, but not so today.  My 100-1d list is turning a corner and indulging in some selfish wishes for my 99 Very Important Things To Do. 10.  Learn to sail.  Then sail a lot.  This will come in handy when I become a pirate. 11.  Take a long bath with just … Continue reading

Karma Credit

Sometimes life bitch-slaps you.  Slapping back is not an appropriate response. A better technique is to store up good juju beforehand, to be proactive and avoid conflict in the first place. Today’s Very Important Things To Do are about earning karma credit. 7.  Help a friend with something he or she can’t do alone.  Maybe … Continue reading

Set your priorities

The 100 minus 1 day list, in which we have 99 Very Important Things To Do, continues. Today we eat. 4.   Have a picnic.  With my sons.  With my sisters. With friends.  Possibly with strangers, but only if they provide the food. 5.  Make honey kisses.  These drop cookies are one of the first … Continue reading

99 Days of Summer

This is not a bucket list. This list is things that I want to do and want to stop putting off.  I want to do them more than once.  I should do some of them at least every day.  Some of them are inspired by Pooh or Disney, and some of them just sound like … Continue reading