• (100-1)d is the Ultimate Birthday present of Sisterly Love: 365 days of Disney.  (Not consecutive days.  Not even fulfilling days.  But 365 days there will be.)
  • Images on the blog:

Many of the images are from DisneyScreencaps.com, who has worked hard over the years to provide quality materials for fans. If you like what I do, stop in over there to thank her.

Some are pilfered from OhMyDisney or nabbed at random from the internet.  Occasionally, I even screencap them myself. I consider these images fair use of copyrighted material, for commentary, parody, and creative expression.  After all, the fandom that plays together buys together.

However I try to find and give credit to the original artists of fanart where possible, and to link it back to the artist’s official site.  If you have found your fanart on this site and don’t wish it to be publicly available, leave a comment and I will remove it.

  • Terms you may find on this blog:

Dipster:  the condition of people who like Disney past the age of 14, i.e. cool people.

HMOP (Holy Mother of Preztels): the kind of reaction you would have if you saw the face of Mary in your pretzel, which would be wonderful, but a little sad, because then you couldn’t eat your pretzel.  Synonym: #somethingsomindbogglingaweseomeitcanonlycomparetobeinginseoulwithyoursisters

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