Wear that Dark Pride

Villainry is going couture now, as the folks at TeeVillain create limited-edition designs of pop culture’s most deliciously evil characters.  Disney icons are not forgotten, of course, as Maleficent, Snow White’s stepmother, and even the less murderous Jack Skellington have been highlighted.  If you spot your favorite horror hero on the release day, you can nab the shirt for $11.  Afterwards, the tees have a short run in the store for $14.

Then, that design is gone forever, and you’ll have to kill someone to get it for yourself.  How eeeeeeevil.

I’ve already missed out on some of the best, like Dalek on Coffee, Mistress of Cute, and Chateau Grayskull.  Only the hardcore Disney-ites will sport the Vanessa tee.

I’m all for Villain fashion, but sometimes it might go too far.  Despite being popular enough for a reprint, it’s still too early for Artax jokes.


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