Where the cars go for Halloween

Other than the trash compactor, what could scare a car?  They’re rough and tough and can replace almost any part that’s not on backorder.  Unless…


they happen to meet a ghost car!

The short “Mater and the Ghostlight” is usually buried by the many Disney Halloween specials that have accumulated over the decades.  This one has a special meaning for those of us who live on Route 66, particularly in Joplin, MO. (You know…it comes between St. Louis and Oklahoma City in The Song.)

Joplin’s great claim to fame (after Scott J., the musician) is the Ghostlights, eerie floating orbs that haunt the hills around the town.  This is one urban legend that has never been successfully disproven, and the locals insist they’re real.  I mean, I’ve never seen them, but I know people who have.

The Ghostlight of Radiator Springs is one example of the charming detail and attention put into the first Cars movie (though somewhat lacking from the sequels).

Curl up with some hot lubricant oil and enjoy the spooks.

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