Counter-culture costumes

If you don’t  have your Halloween costume planned out by now, you are seriously running out of time. But I’m here with some solutions that are subversive and superb, the best in Dipster couture.  (Please note that “simple” and “cheap” were not in the description).

Sleeping Beauty…. in BLUE!


Even The Company is recognizing the superiority of this hue, with the release of a blue version of their limited edition doll.  Sleeping Beauty everything is going to be prevalent at Halloween this year, but while everyone else is walking around with sub-par fairie horns, you can show your pride in the original.  If anyone calls you Cinderella, school that sucker.

Mickey in drag


I love this picture so much.  These issues are finally getting press, with outspoken celebrities like George Takei and Laverne Cox breaking the taboo that has squashed POC and trans voices out of queer discussions.    This costume would have to be carefully executed to avoid looking just like Minnie, but the world is ready.

Oil Spill Ariel


Or anything else from the Unhappily Ever After series.


Eilowny costume

This girl gets no love!  Etsy knows, though.  Etsy understands.

Bad Pan


Nooooo, I don’t want to go to Neverland!  Season 3 of Once Upon a Time overturned almost all of my fairy-dust hopes and dreams.  Clearly, this series was made by the creators of Lost – there are NO coincidences.



The movie Big Hero 6 won’t come out till November, but being hip is about being before cool.  (I think.  Argyle, beards, and secretary skirts may be involved, too.)  The lemmings will be parading their Olaf and Elsa outfits, but you could beat them all by strapping some white trash bags to your body and giving everyone hugs.

Hm…I think I like this last one best.

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