Passion for Pirates

Hurrah for Pirate Day!  I know today has a longer name, but by the time this post goes live I expect to be drinking enough rum not to care.

Unlike other blogs which feature breaking news about the waiting times at the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland, we focus on important topics, featured to the right.  –|>

Note that “pirate” has about the same prominence as “food” and “shopping” in the tag cloud.

I used to think that my obsession with piracy was an anomaly, or at least, geeky.  I recently discovered that it probably goes way back to my early formative years, sitting in front of Ashley McGee’s TV, watching afternoon cartoons.  At this age, the only options for crush-worthy icons were from She-Ra because my mom picked me up every day after Thundercats (I don’t do fur.)  This left me with:

Bo being a wuss in She-ra

Bo – whiny and attention-greedy. Also fairly incompetent.  Kind of a jerk when he won’t take a hint.

Seahawk and Aurora kissing in She-ra

Seahawk – I rest my case.

Kevin Kline Pirate King

Add to that my first exposure to Kevin Kline’s chest hairs as the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance and the Dread Pirate Wesley (he’s right, that has a horrible ring to it).

Princess Bride: Cary Elwes as Dread Pirate Roberts with Robin Wright as Buttercup

By the time Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2003, I needed no more encouragement to jump ship and join the crew.


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