Maleficent Swag!

Check out all the wicked goods the theaters in Japan had for the Maleficent movie.  If you ever plan a trip to the land of rising sun, I highly recommend scheduling it around the opening of a new Disney movie, as movie theaters have their own gift shops full of stuff you can pretend to buy for other people.  There are pens and paper and file folders and bookmarks, and if you buy your ticket early, you get a free Maleficent sleeping mask.  I don’t even like sleeping masks, but I want to take a nap just so I can use mine!Maleficent movie merchandise I have also proven again that I’m one of the most gullible people ever.  If I was an actual Disney princess, I’d probably get myself killed in the first 30 minutes of the movie.  I wouldn’t make it past the first season of Once Upon a Time.

When my husband called with the bad news that there was NOTHING at the store for the new movie (except the sleeping mask), I cried into my pillow.  This box of goodies came in the mail last week, a delayed birthday present from a man who – I’m proud to say – has mastered the art of American jokes.

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