Disney Talk-A-Thon

This blog ranges across all Disneydom, from funny quotes to breaking news to occasional social justice rants.  Until now, this has all been 2D, limited to the confines of your computer/mobile device screen, restricting the audience to merely observe and never interact. (At least I think that’s the reason people never post comments.  The alternative is that WordPress is making up followers for me so I don’t feel so sad.)

That changes today.  I introduce….

the Blogcast!  The dinosaurs wanted to name this the “Disney show where Mommy talks a lot and we wanna watch StampyCat now” but they lost.

Download  <– In case you’re using Firefox or your browser has a grudge against .mp3 files.

That orange triangle button above will transport you to the magic of our mother’s kitchen, where we got drunk and rated all the Disney animated movies on a mousears scale. This took much longer than we anticipated (possibly due to the fireball whiskey)  so if this week’s broadcast only includes Snow White (2:10) Pinocchio (4:55)  Fantasia (9:52) Dumbo (13:45) Bambi (18:23) SaludosAmigos / 3Caballeros / MakeMineMusic / FunNFancyFree / MelodyTime / IchabodandMrToad (24:53).

You’ll have to come back next week for the 50s.

I realize that this is still 2D, but I think you can all use the Power of Imagination to pretend that you’re in our kitchen with us.  Imagine a pile of dirty dishes.  We have a light hanging over the table.  You can imagine us all blonde, too.  Taking shots may help.

2 thoughts on “Disney Talk-A-Thon

    • It worked! This is the last time we experiment with new trends in social media. Only funny pictures, Nick Pitera videos, and deconstructing characters from here on out.

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