Princesses on parade

Disney dressmakers have been hard at work, making costumes for…12 inch people. released images of the new Aurora dolls in the limited edition series of princesses and princes.  With mind-numbing attention to detail, the designers decked this dress with rose-colored rhinestones, rose embroidery, rose jewelry, and a rose crown on the gold-threaded hair.

And rose capes.  Get Edna Mode out of here.


It’s someone’s job to put each of those rhinestones on.  Suddenly grading papers doesn’t seem so bad.Dolls3

(Is that Charming in the back there? I can’t tell – all these princes look the same.)

Limited Edition princess dolls

It seems that the characters do double duty with multiple outfits, as there are at least two Annas in that shot and Ariel appeared sans fin at last year’s D23 expo. Dolls6

The dolls are also supported by a large line of houseware, stationary, and… a pencil case?  If I’d gone to DisneyCon, I’d know.  Dolls5

It all looks very cute and exciting, but none of the official D23 videos explains WHAT is going on with Snow White’s hair.  Dolls7

The new Aurora doll is something everyone is looking forward to this –

wait –

is that Elsa in the back!?  Who cares about Aurora, now!


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