Masters Degree in DizCoz

So you got a mermaid outfit at Party Central for Halloween this year?  That’s cute.

You may be vintage, but you’ll never be dressed-up-as-thumbelina-including-weird-hair vintage.

I don’t always go into the jungle.  But when I do, I get rescued by flying men in loinclothes.

Ryoko-demon‘s Disney cosplay is truly at a Sensei-white belt-virtuoso-master level.  I mean, how do you even go about finding Captain Amelia boots?  Her Disney gallery at DeviantArt ought to be enough to get her a job doing…well, anything.  If plans for Twentieth Century Fox World ever get going, they know where to start for Fern Gully costumes.  (Also, I made up a new word, DizCoz. DisCos looks like “discos” and DisCoz is an actual DJ somewhere.  Help me spread this around.)

Ryoko-demon's cosplay of Amelia from Treasure Planet

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