Summer Reruns

You shouldn’t be stuck watching old King of Queens reruns when there are so many good things on Netflix this summer.

This includes THREE pirate flicks:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates has new episodes for the young; the Muppets Treasure Island sets sail for the young-at-heart; and the long-awaited Pirate Fairy movie (pirate – and fairy – together!!!) has finally come to online streaming services, having taunted me in BluRay for many moons now.

Classics like Dumbo, Tarzan, Mulan, and Sword and the Stone are around the site, although my hunt to find Beauty and the Beast continues.

And if you’re from a generation that somehow missed the 1989 hit Honey I Shrunk the Kids, you need to rectify that oversight.

Netflix: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Muppet Treasure Island, Tarzan, Pirate Fairy, Honey I Shrunk the Kids


Bring on the 100 degree weather – I have ice-pops, I have Netflix, and I am ready.

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