Boys, too!

Lest you got offended by the feminist angle (not so much angle as full-on tilt) of my post on Maleficent last week, I must mention that Disney does its share of injustice to young boys.  While many have criticized the traditional princess characters and praised Disney for its efforts to rewrite what it means to be feminine, there is almost no attention paid to the images of masculinity in animated movies.

Until Drs. Ken Gillam and Shannon Wooden took on Pixar.  Wooden is a gender and lit researcher, and Ken just can’t leave well enough alone, so they addressed stereotypes of successful men in the movies that their own children were watching.

As they point out, feminism should be about changing expectations for boys and girls.  Not only does the focus on aggressive physicality for men contribute to violence against women, but that kind of learning environment is damaging to our sons and brothers.   While modern men have expanded and adapted the definition of fatherhood and equality, research shows that their concept of masculinity has not changed.

We need more movies where the non-comformists get to shine.  I’d like to see love stories where the geek doesn’t have to trick a girl, or doesn’t have to play best friend/second fiddle, to find love.

More movies like this:


I’m gonna be honest here – building a Tesla coil machine that plays my favorite song is sexy!


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