More Insight into “Inside Out”

While Cabbage has been raving about Maleficent, new and important updates have been given to us from Pixar headquarters! For a while it looked like all we were going to get were teasers from Miss Kaling. However, now Pixar has given us an actual plot!

Emotions run a muck in  an 11-year old girl’s head as she moves from the Midwest to San Francisco (can’t help but empathize having recently moved from the Midwest to the West Coast myself).  But the young girl is only the frame for the story.  The main characters, from what I glean, will be the emotions themselves: Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith).


Can’t help but be excited about this one! Let the 365 day countdown begin!

-Briar Rose

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