Disney movies are really about…

Frozen and Maleficent get a lot of attention for being “the first Disney movie” to show true love that’s not romantic.  Disney is being applauded for breaking its own mold and setting up good role models for today’s youth.  Meanwhile, Walt is sitting on his cloud, grumbling, “What am I, Cookie’s leftover lard?”  To be clear, the classics were very rarely about romantic love, at least while Walt was in charge.  As nearly as I can tell, these are what is at the hearts of the animated theatrical releases:

DisneyMoviechartAny objections?



2 thoughts on “Disney movies are really about…

    • It was a tough call. Basically, I asked myself “Would it have about been the same kind of movie if ( ) was taken out?” and love just wasn’t a major part in that film.

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