Just me and my Mal

The long-awaited day had finally arrived, when the infant would be presented to the kingdom and – no!

Having longed for The Movie since it was first announced in 2012, experienced heartbreak when the release date was pushed back to May, and surviving a near nervous breakdown when I realized the forces of childcare might prevent me from seeing it today, I have triumphed.  No more will I be satisfied with trailers and teasers.  Gone are the uncertainties and speculations.  When I walked through that theater door my heart soared, just like a fairy with wings.  Me and Angelina, all by ourselves, have conquered.

I was really looking forward to today, by the way.

And then it got better.

BB bought her ticket first, and then the clerk handed her a roll of shiny paper that looked curiously like a movie poster.  When I bounced up to the desk (and I do mean bounced – that’s not me being writerly) I requested, “One ticket. And a poster.  I want a poster. Please.”  For a moment, she looked as if she might just deny me, since 33 year old women are not supposed to bounce and giggle like they’re on a first date with a cute guy.  After I handed her my Disney credit card, though, she just rolled her eyes and forked it over.

For the low-low price of…. whatever, I didn’t even pay attention to how much I was charged – for the price of a matinee movie ticket, I got an amazing theatrical experience and a photo that’s better than pr0n.


Only two problems remain:

Where am I going to hang this?

When will I have time to watch it again in IMAX?

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