You’ll never want to leave

Storybrooke live: A Once Upon a time experience made by fans

In case you really (like really, really) can’t wait for Season 4 to come out this fall, tumblr and fans have gotten together and created an ambitious project, a fan-based interactive media extravaganza of fairy tale sitcom to help you.  Like the Once Upon a Time world, fans will be able to create a persona pre- and post-curse.  It might take me a bit to decide who I want to be, but I’m leaning toward the eldest sister in Twelve Dancing Princesses.  The bossy one.

The creator, Keith Cardin, also created the Pottermore rival, an equally free site in which members complete homework assignments instead of hidden object games.  I like OUAT, just not…you know…enough to do a 4-5 page essay.

Right now very little is known about what Storybrooke live will include, but fans can submit their email to be notified when character creation to join the town (hopefully not get jury duty, though) will be open.

Your turn to talk

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