Evil is so evil.

When the The Movie was pushed back from “Spring 2014” to “May 2014” I just marked the entire month on my calendar as Maleficent Month.  This wasn’t very hard, because I just had to change the Y to an L and add a few letters.  May 30th has been a glowing beacon of hope as I plugged through months of comprehensive exams and finals and portfolio grading.  I arranged the babysitter, I bought the t-shirt, I painted the living room black (no, but I thought about it).  I am so ready.

Then I discovered that tickets are available for the evening of May 29th.  This means Disney fans and Angelina freaks (both groups I am a member of) will be able to watch The Movie a whole day earlier than they expected.  That is so cool.

Except – I got the babysitter – I got the t-shirt – I got the babysitter…babysitter…


Disney, that is so evil.

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