Ladies and gentlemen I present

The teaser trailer for Spring 2015’s Cinderella is out and it is….

a shoe.  It’s a pretty shoe, with a butterfly that I assume means transformation.  Nevertheless…a shoe.

Look, it’s a Kenneth Branagh film, so we all know it’s going to be fantastic.  We don’t want to know what the shoe is going to look like though.  The story of Cinderella was never about the shoe; it wasn’t even about the prince.  It’s about a girl who gets a night off from the housework and gets to dress up pretty and go to a party.  That’s all little girls (and big little girls) care about.

Enough with the music and the lights and all the wooo-ooo.

We want to see the bloody dress!

2 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen I present

  1. It’s not the original Disney Cinderella this needs to compete with…it’s Ever After. Drew Barrymore’s dress was the best.

    • I just wonder what the angle is. Ever After had an angle, and the new Maleficent has an angle. The R&H musical had an angle, that they met each other before the ball. Somewhere in the Cinderella story, there has to be an original something.
      And you’re right – Ever After already DID the butterfly.

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