5 Storybrooke characters who outdisneyed themselves

All things Disney are canon and true…

except when there’s an alternative that’s even more awesome.  ABC’s Once Upon a Time has tweaked a few stories and stretched a few tales, but sometimes the results are worth it.  Not to say that we didn’t like the originals, but here are 5 OUAT folks who rock their new roles.

1. Snow Let’s start with the biggest and the best.  This archer/thief/wise-cracker/teacher with a heart of honey gold was the main selling point of the first season.  The curse that send all the fairy tale characters to the real world was like the ultimate Big Sleep, and her reunion with her prince kept the show going.  But her willingness to fight for her cause and her love (in bothwizarding and muggle mode) assured audiences that this retelling had more depth and growth than the old stories.


Also, she shops at anthropologie.



2. Jiminy  First, I want to say that my admiration for Raphael Sbarge and his work on green projects in no way influences his status on this list.


This photo of him next to a Jiminy Cricket recycle picture did, though.


As town psychiatrist, Archie Hopper gets to know many people’s innermost sins and weaknesses, but we NEVER see him act with anything other than the best intentions.  He also was the most normalized character in season 2, continuing to stick to his profession and the real world’s ethical standards rather than revert to fairy tale binaries. Out of everyone in Storybrooke, he believes in Regina the most. Only the ending of the show will reveal whether that was a smart decision, but it was the right decision.  Although his generosity might seem naive and his tweeds ineffectual, Hopper stands up to adversity well, and is just an all around awesome guy.  Did I mention he has a dog named Pongo?

3. Pinocchio Conflicted and downtrodden never looked so cute.  August hovers on the edge of the series for a while, providing a catalyst to the show’s main story.  Like Emma and Bae, he also allows the audience to see how Storybrooke connects to other supernatural forces in the real world, with his visit to Chinese medicine man Dragon.  His redemption makes the journey 100% worth the pain.

And he has the hipsterist typewriter ever.  Without Pinocchio’s book, Henry would never have realized the truth, he’d have never brought back Emma, etc, etc.


4. Anton the Giant Can Jorge Garcia be in every ABC show, please?  Whatever character he performs becomes a postmodern reflection of the absurdity of tv entertainment, yet a celebration of the medium.   Anton’s angst to see more than his castle in the clouds sets into  motion a series of events that… *sigh* you get the picture.  Once he’s brought into Storybrooke, we get to see the town from brand-new eyes again, and a fresh perspective can bring solutions.  I wish we saw more of his character in the show, but mostly I wish he had a friend.  Maybe Mickey should have tried to just be a good friend, and things could have been happier.


5.  Jafar And the first shall be last.  All the evil, all the manipulation, all the magic, and all the flair of the original.  500% sexier.  Naveen Andrews as Jafar wins.



Which Once Upon a Time character do you want to tribute?

2 thoughts on “5 Storybrooke characters who outdisneyed themselves

    • I almost added him, but he’s become such a wuss in season 3. Once he joined Team Good, it’s like the only thing piraty is his unbuttoned white shirt. I’m not complaining about the unbottoned white shirt, but he needs to be conniving again to get back on the list.
      Jiminy posing next to Jiminy picture bumped him off the list.

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