Storybrooke gets chilly

We’ve been waiting to marathon the full third season of Once Upon a Time until after it finishes, which was yesterday.   But I couldn’t wait to bring you this wee spoiler for season 4.

Storybrooke better stock up on winter gear.

In what seems a desperate scramble to keep things exciting and introduce intriguing characters (Lost, anyone?), the makers of OUAT let loose a time-travel maelstrom at the end of the season, resurrected some old favorites and brought with them this…jar of blue liquid.

OUATElsa5 You might be thinking – yeah, genie!  Except, the spin-off series has a genie already, and he ain’t blue.  Besides, anyone who’s watched a Disney movie knows that things that come out of jars are not generally good news.

OUATElsa1 Even worse if they enjoy slithering into a shape on the floor.

OUATElsa2 And when things start to get frosty…

OUATElsa3 You might think we’re getting a cute snow bunny in town.

OUATElsa4 No, this is Storybrooke.  Happy Endings optional.  Elsa stomps out of that barn with swagger and sass.

I’d definitely stop into the North Face outlet on the way home, Mary Margaret.


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