Disney Artwalk

What do you get when you combine one classic American tradition with a viral art movement from the 90s?

Disney + Thomas Kinkade = the willies.

The new (flipping expensive) series by the “painter of light” sets iconic animated characters in pastel landscapes, some alike to their home worlds, and some not so much.  The effect is, personally, freaky, but if you like these, you can see more at the artist’s website or buy cheap versions in the puzzle aisle at Walmart.

Kinkade5 This photo is so quintessentially Kinkade I nearly missed the princess in the corner.

Kinkade1 Were there rainbows in that movie?  I don’t remember the dirigible.

Kinkade15 This is more like it.  That’s how I remember smoggy London and gleaming Neverland.

Kinkade7 Aw, puppy love.  These two never get enough attention, even though this looks more like New England than England.

kinkade3 But I don’t get this picture.  They’re either humans or frogs…unless they’re time travelling frogs!

Kinkade16 No, I’ m pretty sure that’s not what Agrabah looks like.

Kinkade11 And this picture doesn’t even make sense.

Kinkade4  Whatever.  Back to the princesses.  (Again, the rainbow???)


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