Happy Birthday, Earth!

Stop everything you’re doing because this is the one day that we’re supposed to pay attention to all the stuff on Earth!

At least all the non-human stuff, which is why it’s only a day.

Except for sharks, which get a week.

I promise we’ll plan next year’s party much better, as Disney has announced that Earth Day 2015 will be the release of DisneyNature’s Monkey Kingdom.

This probably explains the rumor that there would be a new live action Jungle Book movie (because the 1994 one was SUCH a big box office smash).  It turns out that Disney filmmakers were in the jungle to shoot…the jungle.   Disney has a new fondness for surprise endings, so there might still be a Mowgli remake in the works, and Monkey Kingdom could be an elaborate ruse to dupe audience members until Baloo the CGI bear comes out singing, but we won’t go there again.

Anyways, cute monkeys hopping around on Khmer ruins is good enough for Earth Day.  They already have to share with the penguins and the cheetahs; don’t push them offscreen to make room for adolescent homo sapiens.

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