The best of gender-bend

Recasting Disney men as women or women as men is the hippest fanart trend of the last few years.  Sometimes, it’s just artists changing the hairstyle or touching up the cheekbones, but many of these recreations are thoughtful and dazzling.

Miyuli’s tumblr blog hosts several of these, and my favorite is the witchy dancer Esmeraldo




Don’t miss Juliam15’s  MaleToFemale and FemaleToMale, in which personality transcends gender.  They still make cute couples, though I’ll admit I mostly just like seeing Naveen in a kitchen apron.  There’s even more on his tumblr, including the pinfamous Frozen genderbent storyline


Maby-chan has a whole gallery of gender-bent heroes, heroines, and villains.


Godo’s gallery is a costume-swap, not a genderswap, but it’s still plenty of cute.


First prize goes to Sakimichan, a digital artist who lavishes detail on good and evil alike.  Her Cruella, Elsa, Ariel, and Maleficent are exquisite, but nothing on the internet tops Pocahontas.


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