Let’s play what-if

The fandom is just going to have to agree to disagree on whether Elsa’s parents were abusive or lovingly misguided.  Either way, it’s clear that “conceal, don’t feel” was horrible advice to a small child who discovered that she was different from the norm.

Had Pabbi just explained the dangers of repression and fear, Elsa never would have suffered a lonely childhood, never would have shut herself off from Anna, Anna would never had fallen for a psychopath, Elsa could have become a positive role model for her people, Arendelle would never have been covered in snow, and Kristoff…. Well, Kristoff would be out of a job and would never have even met Anna, but that is a small price to pay.

If Elsa had known how to handle her power, then there wouldn’t be a movie, arguably.  But the good folks at How It Should Have Ended realized it could have happened.  Just not the kind of Disney movie you expected.

I might have even liked this one better.

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