The Disney Diet


Although Thursday’s post reminds us that Big is Beautiful, Healthy is also Beautiful.  Big and Healthy is Beautiful.

Disney characters have some good advice for eating well, and like all things in life, balance is key.

An Apple a Day

Once considered nature’s junk food, now known to be packed with nutrients, apples illustrate the benefits of fresh fruit.  Full of fiber, flavanoids, and mouth-freshening  goodness, they also replace sweets for a snack.  Apple juice or other processed versions do not contain all of these trace nutrients, so it’s always better to go for the real thing.  Also, a variety of fruits is important, especially Vitamin C-packed strawberries, kiwis, and oranges, calcium-cool figs, potassium-punched bananas, and immune-boosting peaches. And cantaloupe, which my baby book told me counts as a green vegetable.

Fruits rock. I just wouldn’t take one from this lady.

Regina holding out an apple: Once upon a time

Fat is not on the axis of evil

Research now confirms what my father has been trying to tell everyone for years, that fat is not the body’s enemy.   In fact, some of the best foods for health are nuts, yogurt, and avocados.  Cholesterol in the body is harmful, but cholesterol in food can bring a number of benefits depending on how the body uses it.  Much more dangerous are the high-carb, high-sugar substitutions folks switched to in the 80s and 90s.  Joanna the goanna keeps up her energy by eating plenty of eggs and staying active (due to McLeach’s whims).  Just not 5 dozen, Gaston.

Joanna eating an egg

Go nuts about nuts

Speaking of which, nuts – who knew?  Chip n Dale had it right.  Also legumes.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers in a pile of nuts

Soup: it’s what’s for dinner

With busy schedules and limited resources, a big, simmering pot of soup is a great way to feed a large family or to prepare several dinners-for-one.  It’s easy to load up on the fresh vegetables and thereby cut back on frozen meals.  Done right, the flavor comes from seasoning and ingredients, so you don’t miss a thing.  Make sure all chefs wash their hands and feet.

Remi cooking soup

When you salt, sea salt.  

People eat too much salt these days (not just Americans, but most residents in developed countries.)  But if you’re going to salt it up, salt it right with sea salt.

Kingdom Hears eating sea salt ice cream


 The seaweed is always greener

Bruce told us that fish are friends, not food, but they’re just so tasty.  If you can’t stomach the fine finned friends, though, there are other ways to reap the benefits of the sea.  Seaweed comes in many shapes and textures, and there are just as many ways to cook it.  Look to Ireland or Japan for inspiration.  Me, I like to slice it up fine and stir it in with cucumber and make a side that’s just – mwaa – delish.

Ariel holding seaweed

This will make a tasty miso soup.

 Get your greens in

Soup and seaweed are both good sources of greens, but they’re not the only ones.  Mix a little spinach or kale into all your favorite dishes, like spinach puffs.

Kronk's Spinach puffs

They’re so easy, I’ll get you the recipe.


Whatever meal plan you choose to keep yourself healthy, it should be flavorful and make you happy, or you won’t stick to it.  The worst way is to completely deny yourself what you want.

On second thought, the worst way to stay healthy would be to hire Cookie as your personal chef.


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