All that glitters

Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is now out on DVD and if I didn’t need that $25 in my pocket for life-sustaining coffee, I would certainly be investing in some animated evening entertainment.  Sneak peaks that have been released over the few weeks show a strong lead with slightly ambiguous morals (but a decent heart, I am sure).

Pirate Fairy Zarina

I’m a Disney character. Would I really be this cute if I was going to trick you and steal your stuff? Granted, there might be precedents for that…

She’s sly and charming, with her own agenda.  She’s a little bit rough but a whole lotta fun.  And mostly, she has great clothes.


FairyZarina2 has plenty of games, videos, and downloads for our new booted Fae.  These can keep you entertained if you, like me, have to stalk Redbox until the movie is available.



Man the captsan!  Hoist anchor!  Pixie Dust!

We’re OFF to NEVERLAND!  *cue music*

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