Sequel mania

Seriously, Disney?  The sequel thing has gone a little too far.

Disney announced last week that, among their other franchises, 90’s TV hit Tail Spin will also be getting a reboot.  Today, a promo shot was released featuring our favorite Baloo, a weird robot, and Sher Khan, the original 1%.  Little information has been given about the plot or artistic direction, but looking at the fancy knobs on that plane, I’d say the bear pilot is taking his crew into outer space.



On the one hand, I hold a special place in my heart for these classic Disney toons.  On the other hand though, it’s time for Disney to inject some new ideas into the company.  I think we can expect this to be a direct-to-DVD movie, but this opens the possibility for other childhood favorites to come back.  (Please do Gummi Bears, please do Gummi Bears.)


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