If you could build anything…

you would build a massive online recreation of Disneyland, wouldn’t you?

Since the video game Minecraft allows players to chop, farm, and mine the 16-bit world that they are dropped into, the fun of the game is not really surviving like Daniel Boone in the wilderness but in developing a home of their pure imagination.  The materials are somewhat limited (no iridium for making cell phone technology) but the world is (really really) extensive, so dreamers can dream big, and they can collaborate to dream together.

It didn’t take long after Minecraft was released for people to realize that if they could create anything, they could recreate anything, the Millenium Falcon, Hogwarts

Disney Everything.


Cinderella’s castle was a no-brainer.  But fans have also made Rapunzel’s castle, dress, tower, and lantern festival (that last one has me stumped.)

And then someone else built the Orlando theme parks with working rides, characters, and everything but the churros.  It makes me unbelievably happy that people have dedicated hours of each day, months of their lives to living out their dreams in digital legos.

If you can afford an Xbox, but not a trip to the coast, point your controller to MCMagic.us servers to visit the Kingdom.  Alternatively, you can surprise the kids with the announcement that the family is going on a Disney cruise this afternoon, without ever leaving the living room.

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